Who We Are

SDF is an innovative challenge fund Project, Youth as our focus

We Tackle: The dire need for adequately qualified labor force required by the productive sectors and  The high unemployment rate amongst the youth, who in most cases do not possess employable skills.
The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Technical and Higher Education launching the Project

Situation Analysis/

Sierra Leone is a small, low-income country with a population of about 7.4 Million, and a rapidly growing young population where the many live in poverty. The country has struggled to improve its competition; however due to lack of infrastructural development, skilled  workforce  and  finance  constraints there has been a suppression in growth potentials. The Skills Development Project is also very much gender sensitive and opens up the widest possible range of life options for both women and men, to help build their capacities to be more wholesome and humane. Raising awareness requires not only intellectual understanding and effort but also sensitivity and open-mindedness to change one’s views and limited perspectives and values.  

& Targets

The overall objective of this initiative in line with the Ministry of Finance is to emphasize the need for the Skills Development Project to create a demand led skills system that supports the country’s Economic Development and Poverty Reduction Strategy. (MOF)  

The project will support the Government’s overall human capacity and development, an agenda  led by the Ministry of Education through skills upgrading and facilitating of a Skills Development Fund (MTHE)

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A cross section of dignitaries at the launch

Meet the Team

Peter M Kaindaneh (Assignment Manager)

Pete Kaindaneh

Assignment Manager

Salieu Mohamed Barrie (Grant Specialist)

Salieu M Barrie

Grant Specialist


Solomon Bangali

M&E Specialist

June Rose Johnson (IEC Officer)

June-Rose Johnson

I.E.C Officer

Mohamed Juldeh Barrie (Assistant Grant Manager and Training Manager

Mohamed J Barrie

Assistant Grant Manager


Alhaji B S Sankoh

Finance and Admin Officer

James Lamin (Office Assistant)

James Lamin

Office Assistant

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